January 19, 2020

Parishioners and their families are invited to attend the Annual OLM Feast of Santo Nino next Sunday, January 19, 2020. The celebrations will begin at 11:45 am with the Sinulog (dancing to a drum beat with Santo Niño statues). People with Santo Niño statues who would like to join in the Sinulog should assemble in the vestibule of the church by 11:35 am. At exactly 11:45 am, the Sinulog will commence, followed by the Noon Mass. After the liturgy, there will be a procession to the Maria Room where we will have the Gozos (a solemn and joyful serenade to the image of Santo Niño) and fellowship. NOTE: Blessing of statues of Santo Nin o will take place at all Masses on Sunday, January 19.

(Note: The event is free. However, to help defray the expenses, monetary donations and sponsorship would greatly be appreciated. If you like to cover the cost of a tray of food, suggested donations are $25 and $45. Thank you. May Señor Santo Niño bless us all.)

In preparation for the Feast Day of Santo Nino, Novena prayers are being said after the 8:30am Mass on weekdays and after the 10 am Mass on Sunday. This nine day Novena started on Friday, January 10.