A Ministry to the Sick

Back Row, left to right are members of our parish involved in this ministry: Leonard Wadzanowski, Octavio Duna, Greg Reyes, Romeo Ricardo (a resident), Deacon Meynard, Hermie Macalino, Fr. Nol Docabo, Henri Zanotti, and Dasti Cadelina. (right photo) Deacon Meynard and Father Nol pose at the Mass at Alaris Health.

Some men of Our Lady of Mercy Parish perform a corporal work of mercy by visiting residents at Alaris Health, a nursing home on 198 Stevens Avenue here in Jersey City. A Communion Service, led by Deacon Meynard Espeleta of our parish, takes place on the second Monday of each month. On the fourth Monday of the month, Father Nol celebrates a Mass for the residents. Both services are held at 1:30 in the afternoon. Those involved in this ministry of our parish recognize the presence of the Lord in the sick and suffering. As Jesus said, “I was ill and you visited me.” (Matthew 25:36)