April 26, 2015 – From The Desk of The Pastor

The intentions of Pope Francis for the month of April:

  • Universal: That people may learn to respect creation and care for it as God’s gift.
  • For Evangelization: That persecuted Christians may feel the consoling presence of the Risen Lord and the solidarity of all the Church.

Dear Parishioners of OLM & OLS:

Fr. Jack CryanWelcome, Coadjutor Archbishop Hebda!

Today at 4pm our Coadjutor Archbishop will visit Our Lady of Mercy Church to confer the Sacrament of Confirmation upon the Candidates from Our Lady of Mercy, Our Lady of Sorrows, and our neighboring parish, Our Lady of Czestochowa.

Some may be unfamiliar with the title “coadjutor.” The term refers to a bishop, in this case an Archbishop, appointed to assist the diocesan (arch)bishop, and also designated as his successor.

Archbishop Myers will achieve his 75th birthday in July of 2016. Seventy-five is the age designated in Canon Law for a (Arch) Bishop of a (arch) diocese to submit a letter of resignation to the Holy Father. Upon the Holy Father’s acceptance of this resignation, Archbishop Hebda will assume the full responsibilities as Shepherd of the Church of Newark in New Jersey.

It is a great joy to welcome Archbishop Hebda among us today. We had the great pleasure of his office at the opening mass of our Jubilee Year this past September. He had the joy of celebrating with us at Our Lady of Sorrows. Today he joins our linked community at OLM.

My love and my prayers,

Father Jack

Easter Signs and Symbols ~ Wood

On Good Friday two crisscrossed planks of lumber were carried into church. A voice sang out, “This is the wood of the cross, on which hung the Savior of the world.” And all of us gathered there stepped forward to give glory to God by venerating this holy wood.

For us Christians, wood calls many things to mind: A cypress ark saved creation from the flood. Moses held high his walking stick to divide the sea. When God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac, the boy carried the wood for his own funeral pyre. But God chose life, not death, for Abraham’s beloved son.

There is a legend that the cross of Christ was hewn from Eden’s long-dead tree of life. The blood of Christ brought this wood to life so that it flowered afresh.

In your home, honor the life-giving cross. Hang it in the place you pray. If you have no cross, a couple of branches would make a fine one. During this Easter season keep some spring flowers alongside it.

Friday is Arbor Day in many places. Celebrate the resurrection by planting a tree. Give God glory that two ordinary pieces of wood have become a promise of paradise.

Announcing Training for New Altar Servers

We are looking for boys and girls from age 10+ (4 th Grade+) who are interested to be Altar Servers. Are YOU interested? Training practices for new OLM Altar Servers: May 2 & 9, 2015 from 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. at OLM Church. Look for Fr. Yan.

Attention Married Couples

Jesus is the good shepherd and laid down his life for us that we may have new life. Give your marriage new life by attending a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend. For more information contact Mike and Janet Turco at 973 427-7016or 609 335- 6880 or email njwwme@peoplepc.com.