June 9, 2019 – From the Desk of the Pastor

Dear Parishioners of Our Lady of Mercy:

Fr. Marty JacintoGreetings in the name of Our Risen Lord Jesus Christ!

Congratulations to our young people who received the gift of the Holy Spirit in the Sacrament of Confirmation this past weekend! May what you have received bear fruits in the way you live your lives. A special thanks to your sponsors, parents and guardians. They are there to help you as you grow in your faith and calling as good Christians.

In the name of our staff and the whole community, I would like to say a special thanks to Keysha Dacasin. Keysha has been a big help this past years in taking care of our special needs children. She had been working with them so patiently in their preparation to receive the Sacraments of the Eucharist and Confirmation. Thank you so much Keysha! May God continue to pour out abundant blessings upon you, your ministry and your loved ones.

I take this opportunity then to call upon those who have gifts in helping Keysha and our community to take care of our special needs sisters and brothers in their faith formation. We need more volunteers to be there for them. Do not hesitate to step up. Please let us know.

Brothers and sisters, we are celebrating the Feast of the Pentecost. We will do well if we ask the Holy Spirit to touch us and enlighten our minds and make us aware of our calling as children of God. For those of us who are still discerning, ask the Holy Spirit to make clear where is it that He is leading us and calling us to be and what is that He wants us to do to help spread His kingdom here on earth. Let us also ask Him to affirm in us if we are doing the right thing and on the right path towards our own salvation.

God bless you all!

+Father Marty

Calling All Expectant Mothers

Calling all moms who are expecting babies, please know that we have a team who takes care of celebrating your joy
through a “Gathering To Rejoice!” We have a scheduled event for that every month.

The OLM Baptismal Team is here to rejoice with you for the precious gift of your child and also will assist you towards baptism and beyond.

Please let us know by stopping by or calling the parish office at 201-434-7500. We will be very happy to be with you!

Please Pray for the Sick

John Broderick, Dolores Steinhauser, Austin Macalintal, Eduviges Ledesma, Carolyn Taliaferro, Nonong Dava, Rosario Bernabe, Raquel Yapp, Roberto Yapp, Armando Gloria, Grace Arceo, Natale “Sonny’ Infurna, Minh Nguyen, Florentino Chanco, Lourdes Madlangbayan-Tiamsic, Romeo Vibar, Herminio Macalino, Joel Rivera, Ann Rutkowski, Leo and Josephine Collins, Clemente Rodriguez, Ernesto Rodriguez, Jr, Roumelia Alina-Balbastro, Juliana Villa, Lowie Gamboa, Susana Flores, Mercedes Ereneta, Fran DeCesare, Adam Malewski, Linda Gilbert, Carmine Ciccone, Rosalina Cruz, Dionisio M. Solis Jr., Consolacion F. Acosta, Luzon V. Acosta, Denise Cafiero-Vitale, Angelita S. Maynard, Epifania Rivera, Alan Russotto, Elaine Staltari, Henry Zanotti, Jessica Pavoni, Leonora Loyola, Ian Malesiewski, Craig Rutkowski, Gina Marquez, Daniel Tamayo Santos, Betty Scerbo, Philip Scerbo, Eric Bautista, Esperanza E. Lorenzo, Prudence Marasigan-Lewis, Eugene Ramos, Nenuca Murillo, Joel Mahinay, Jonel Teves, George Esguerra, John Russell, Rizalito Cailles, Deacon Nick Fargo, Vilma Baring, Deonilo Baring, Jesus Condes, Severa Condes, Waddy Ancheta, Paul Calefati, Hector Omar, Antoinette Flores, Catherine Cappparo, Oscar Gendrano.

Register Yourself in The Parish

To be a registered parishioner means that you really belong to the parish family. You enjoy all the benefits of being a family member. Those who are not registered are invited and encourage to do so. A Registration Form is available at the vestibule of the Church, in the Parish Office and Online.