October 4, 2015 – From The Desk of The Pastor

Rev. Fr. Marty JacintoDear Parishioners of OLM & OLS:

I hope everyone is doing well so far? I am… Our Faith Formation program kicked off so well two weeks ago and our Confirmation class started this past weekend.

The Extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion were refreshed and updated with Father Tom. Altar server mentors had a nice meeting with Father Ryan.

The San Lorenzo Ruiz feast day went so “quietly” well.

So I guess everybody is on their toes doing what we are called to?

What a weekend it was for me as well! I am still getting the hang of how it is to be a pastor. I can say now what Father Jack used to say: “I can’t bi-locate!” Thank you for being patient with me.

There are many comings up: Living Rosary on October 7th and my installation as your pastor on October 10th. For Living Rosary please see Presy Lorenzo. For my installation there are flyers at the entrances of the Church. You are all invited to the 5:30pm mass but if you want to go to the reception, please get a flyer and information is there. We have limited space in the Maria Room. The deadline for that is this weekend, October 3-4.

In the middle of the month of October we will be pleading again (especially to those of you who did not do so last time) to consider your pledge to the Capital Campaign of the Archdiocese of Newark called “Living Stones.” Our church community will benefit fifty percent of it. If you look around our church building you get an idea of where we can spend your contributions (especially at OLM). So please HELP!

Ohh… also, speaking of “Help,” it will be a very BIG HELP if you can hand out bulletins to your relatives and friends and parishioners so they won’t be calling the parish office on weekends to ask “What time is mass?” Thank you very much.

Love and Prayers,

Father Marty

Living Rosary

“Our linked faith communities of Our Lady of Mercy and Our Lady of Sorrows will pray our Annual Living Rosary on Wednesday, October 7, starting @ 7 p.m.  We will meditate on the Glorious Mysteries.

We need 53 prayer leaders for 53 Hail Marys.  The first part of the prayer will be in the language or dialect of the prayer leader; while the congregation responds in English.  A passage will be read before each Our Father and before each Hail Mary by our youth ministers.  

We will sing hymns in honor of Mama Mary, our patroness, under her titles of Our Lady of Mercy and Our Lady of Sorrows.

All are invited to join us in this devotion.”

A Day of Reflection at the Jersey Shore, October 22

Father Tom Iwanowski will direct a day of reflection and prayer at Saint Joseph by the Sea Spiritual Center located at the beautiful Jersey Shore in South Mantoloking, NJ. The program will begin with a light breakfast at 9:30 am and conclude at 3:30 pm. The day will include lunch, Mass, and three reflections that will consider the sacraments as encounters with Christ that can give us a deeper understanding of ourselves, our human condition, and our purpose in life. These insights can deepen our appreciation of the gentle action of God in our lives. For more information and registration contact Tom Moran at tmoran61@gmail.com or 201-220-9278.

Attention Extraordinary Ministers of Communion!

How we celebrate Mass is governed by a set of directions given us by Rome and by the Bishops of the United States. We try to follow those directions since we want to be faithful to the guidance given us by the Church.

In keeping with those directions, we will be making a slight change in how we distribute Holy Communion to the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion at Mass. Rather than having those ministers receive after the congregation, the priest will give them the Body and Blood of the Lord before they begin distributing Holy Communion.

This adjustment is in keeping with directions of the Church and it also mirrors the action of the priest who is celebrating the Mass. The priest first receives Holy Communion and then he distributes Holy Communion. The extraordinary ministers will now do the same. This change is also in keeping with a simple principle, namely, we cannot give what we have not first received. You will notice this change beginning the weekend of October 10 and 11.

We are grateful to the men and women of our parish family who serve as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. Their willingness to serve allows us to distribute the Body and Blood of the Lord in a timely and reverent manner at all our Masses.