Nov. 12, 2017 – From the Desk of the Pastor

Dear Parishioners of Our Lady of Mercy:

Fr. Marty JacintoGreetings in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

First of all, I welcome to the Christian world and congratulate Justin James Traina! As a community, we commit ourselves to praying for Justin that he may grow in love and wisdom of God as well as his faith in God. We also commit to pray for his parents and godparents that they may get all the help they need to guide him and to be models for him on how to live the gospel.

The “Gathering To Remember,” that is, a mini reunion of those children who were baptized, was a wonderful event for those who showed up. There were nine families who had a great time being together with our baptismal team led by Deacon Meynard Espeleta. They enjoyed their “catching up” with each other and shared their joys of having children as well as some concerns they have in rearing their children as they grow older.

Talking about helping our children, I would like to encourage you parents and guardians not to give up in facing challenges in life. I know it is not easy to discipline children nowadays but God is always there to help you as well as our community of faith. That is why you have to keep bringing your children to church. The church is also trying to help you and everybody else. Don’t be tired of doing what you have to do for your children’s well being, both spiritually and physically. “Your reward will be great in heaven” as the Bible says.

There are quite a few events coming up in our community of faith: Family Faith Festival, Wellness Ministry’s “Senior Wellness” and Parish Advent Mission. Our Youth Ministry is in full swing with their regular meetings on Fridays, the Dance Crew is doing well and many others. Please, please and please check out the bulletin for more information on different activities we have and then join in. Be a part of this bigger community of Our Lady Of Mercy.

Folks, I have another need, and that is, I need volunteer to take care of a support group for our brothers and sisters who are jobless. Pray about it and if you feel you are called to be part of it don’t hesitate to come to me or to any other priests.

I would like to end up this short letter by letting you know that roof repair is done! Woohoo! There will be another one coming up soon. As you can see it, little by little we are trying to maintain this building suitable for a comfortable worship space to everybody. A heartfelt thanks to your support. Without you repairs will not be possible. I continue to appeal to you to make this as your second home. And just like your individual home, this second home needs your support constantly. Please be generous!

+Father Marty

Please pray for the sick:

Paul Calefati, Elaine Staltari, Othelia G. Laurena, Jean Karycinski, Dorothy Darcy, Erlinda Jacinto, Presentacion Sorio, Leonora Loyola, Eric Bautista, Lilian Kryczkowski, Ellen Iorio, Jessica Pavone, Ian Malesiewski, Ruben Catipon, Angela Salvador, Clarita Salvador, Teresita Cordon, Vincent Mastria, Maria Svaligmac, Bill Macchi, Craig Rutkowski, James Seaman, Makenzie Cadmus, Manuel J.Juson, MD, Gina Marquez, Rose Maschucci, Daniel Tamayo Santos, Marie Ronzitti, Lucia Vanderburg, Betty Scerbo, Philip Scerbo, Alejandra Ancheta, Cindy Popolo, Mario Banaag, Oscar Alladin, Antonio Roldan, Esperanza Galarza, Carmen Tuazon, Nick DeBello, Susan Ranola Rivera, John Broderick, John Hnath, Joanne Diaz, Ligaya Tan, Concepcion Del Rosario, Leonarda DeCarlo, Dolores Steinhauser, Eugenio Cacananta, Austin Macalintal, Carolyn Taliaferro, Nonong Dava, John Gaito, Elsa Concepcion, Anthony B. Cashman, Ricardo Vales, Virginia T. Mercurio, James Leung, Tran Phouc, Sophia Gonzalez, Father Tom Roberts, Jocelyn Tuazon, Florentino Chanco

Is Your Marriage Valid?

If you were married civilly, that is, not in the Catholic Church before a priest or deacon, it might not be a valid marriage. Some couples believe that a marriage before a Justice of the Peace or a non-Catholic minister is valid. For a marriage to be valid in the Catholic Church, the marriage must be in a Catholic Church or Chapel and officiated by an authorized Catholic priest or deacon along with 2 witnesses. (There are limited interfaith exceptions with proper permission.)

We invite you to speak with one of our priests if there are any questions or if indeed you wish to validate your marriage. The process can be very simple and your marriage will now be blessed by the Church.

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