September 10, 2017 – From the Desk of the Pastor

Dear Parishioners of Our Lady of Mercy:

Fr. Marty JacintoGreetings in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

This week we are commemorating the tragedy of September 11th, 2001. The whole world was shocked with that terrorist attack. But in particular, so many of us here on this side of the coast have been affected deeply because one of the attacks happened right here in our own backyard, the attack of the World Trade Center! I was just three months old in my priesthood when that happened. I was newly ordained and have been assigned here at Our Lady of Mercy Church. It was the saddest moment of my life. It was also the hardest time to preach about forgiveness. The gospel readings following that day were about forgiving your enemies (similar to our gospel passage this weekend). Folks, I would like to take this opportunity to invite each of you to ponder on “forgiveness.” I leave that to your personal reflection… “can we forgive our enemies?” Yes, it is not easy, but guess what? Jesus became one of us human beings and he did it. We, too, can do it, hard though it may be, with God’s help. Amen!

Catechetical Sunday is next week. I am reminding those I mentioned in last weekend’s bulletin letter about the commissioning. Also, I ask every one of you to keep in your prayers the children of our parish as they keep on knowing God and grow in faith. We also want to pray for all parents and guardians that God sustain them with wisdom and strength as they nurture and guide their children to live as good Christians, loving God and their neighbor.

On a personal note, September is my birthday month. I am aware that there are many among our community who are celebrating their birthdays as well. I will make a short trip back to the Philippines next week, for just a week, to celebrate it with my mother and family. This is the first time that I mention this occasion of my personal life and I do it because I am turning fifty this year. It is hard to believe it, but yes, this is my “golden” year (as they call it). So, I thought of thanking my mother, in a special way, for bringing me into this world. She doesn’t know it yet that I am coming home, so hush, don’t tell her! To all of us born in September… Happy Birthday!

I want to remind you of our mass with Cardinal Tobin at Saint Aloysius Church on West Side Avenue on September 28th. (I will be back then from the Philippines.) Please check out the announcements in this bulletin.

Lastly, mass schedule sign is up! It is under the sign of Our Lady Of Mercy Parish on Sullivan Drive. If you will not be able to see and read it, I don’t know what else to do to keep you from calling the parish office and ask: “What Time Is Mass?”

Thank you all for your support and generosity. Keep it coming…

God bless you all!

+Father Marty

Bus Transportation For September 28th

There will be a bus available from OLM to and from Saint Aloysius on September 28th to attend mass with Cardinal Tobin. Please sign up if you want to go for head counts. You can leave your car in OLM parking lot. See Hospitality ministers at the doors of the church. Thank you!

Please pray for the sick:

Paul Calefati, Elaine Staltari, Othelia G. Laurena, Jean Karycinski, Dorothy Darcy, Erlinda Jacinto, Presentacion Sorio, Leonora Loyola, Eric Bautista, Lilian Kryczkowski, Ellen Iorio, Jessica Pavone, Ian Malesiewski, Ruben Catipon, Angela Salvador, Clarita Salvador, Teresita Cordon, Vincent Mastria, Maria Svaligmac, Bill Macchi, Craig Rutkowski, James Seaman, Makenzie Cadmus, Manuel J.Juson, MD, Gina Marquez, Rose Maschucci, Maurita Reyes, Daniel Tamayo Santos, Marie Ronzitti, Lucia Vanderburg, Betty Scerbo, Philip Scerbo, Alejandra Ancheta, Cindy Popolo, Mario Banaag, Oscar Alladin, Antonio Roldan, Ricardo Valdez, Erma Chidichimo, Esperanza Galarza, Carmen Tuazon, Nick DeBello, Susan Ranola Rivera, Conrado “Boy” Tanada, John Broderick, John Hnath, Joanne Diaz, Ligaya Tan, Concepcion Del Rosario, Leonarda DeCarlo, Dolores Steinhauser, Eugenio Cacananta, Austin Macalintal, Eduviges Ledesma, Carmine Scocco, Carolyn Taliaferro, Nonong Dava

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