July 17, 2016 – From the Desk of the Pastor

Dear Parishioners of Our Lady of Mercy and Our Lady of Sorrows:

Rev. Fr. Marty JacintoDear Parishioners of Our Lady of Mercy and Our Lady of Sorrows:

​I welcome to OLM the American Red Cross Blood Drive and the Holy Name Medical Center Health Fair crew and volunteers. I am grateful to our Parish Pastoral Council and Finance Council members who assist facilitating the accommodations. Thank you also for those who donate and will donate blood to save lives of others.

​At OLS please help raising funds for the church’s organ. Michael is desperate to have it fixed so we can have a better sound. Thank you in advance for your help and cooperation.

​World Youth Day event in Poland is coming up (July 25-31). Please pray for our safe and fruitful trip. There are 30 young people from our parish who are so excited to go, and, there are two priests, three parents and a youth minister to guide and be with them. As you have read it week after week, these young people are praying and hoping that this is going to be a wonderful and life changing experience for them. That is also my prayer and hope for them, that after this experience they will have new insights in life to help them grow as good, God-fearing people and that they may be able to serve God in their capacity as good Christians and future leaders of our state, nation and community.

​Liturgical ministers and altar servers at OLM, you should be aware by now that we started putting up your schedule a week before so that you got it handy as to when is your service. This is in addition to the email you get and the hard copy you find in the sacristy where you can get in there and check it out. For those who do not have access to emails, do the same thing: go to the sacristy and check out the board. It is so simple! And please, please, please call Tina at the parish office (take note: it is Tina you have to call, not me or other priests) if you cannot be there, or simply find a replacement. I thank all for your consideration and cooperation.

​Speaking of our bulletin, last weekend we had an extra half of a page. Well, that was only for that weekend because we realized that we do not have enough advertisements that are found in the back of the bulletin to defray the cost of printing. So, I am appealing to you who want to advertise your company or your business to please do so. It will be a very big help to make our bulletin better so we can give you more information and knowledge about all the events or happenings in our communities. If we can get more ads we can have more pages. So if you think you can help kindly call Dave Chameides for your ads at 1-203-641-6051 or email: dchameided@4Lpi.com. Thank you so very much!

​I mentioned in one of the past bulletin issues a call on those who want to volunteer to be in the “bereavement”team. I got a couple that stepped up. I am grateful that we finally have some of you. It is still open for more volunteers. So, please let me know if you think you can minister to our bereaved families.

​Summertime is a time when not only you, people of God, go away for an R & R but also us priests. So please don’t be surprised if every now and then you will not see one or two of us. Again, you are not left orphans. I make sure I got you covered. I am pretty sure that you do understand.

Thank you and God bless you all!


+Father Marty